Integrated selector system

CTI project in collaboration with a Swiss industrial partner


Project description

For textile industry when large production has to be achieved quickly, many challenges arise. Knitting machines are composed of several electromechanical actuators to select needle position. To improve the production rate, the speed of the actuation system should be increased and it involves designing an innovative fast short stroke actuator. In addition, it is envisaged to use sensorless position control to reduce costs. Due to the short time to select needles and in order to achieve this aim, the existing techniques should be strengthened.


Conference Papers

F. Tamwo Simo; D. Martins Araujo; Y. Perriard : Sensorless Method with Parameter Identification Applied to a Bistable Fast Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator for Textile Machine. 2017. The 11th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications (LDIA 2017), Osaka, Japan, September 6-8, 2017. DOI : 10.23919/LDIA.2017.8097265.