TRAVAIL PRATIQUE DE MASTER (TPM) projects proposal – Spring 2019

Integrated actuators – Prof. Y. Perriard

Note: Projects are intended for Microengineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering sections.

For information and registrations:

  • Prof. Y. Perriard, LAI, Rue de la Maladière 71B, CP 526, CH-2002 Neuchâtel 2, Office MC A4 298, phone number: 021.695.43.10, e-mail:
  • P. Germano, LAI, Rue de la Maladière 71B, CP 526, CH-2002 Neuchâtel 2, Office MC A4 208, phone number: 021.695.42.33, e-mail:

Opportunity to carry out a Master Project within industry. Please contact Prof. Y. Perriard.

A fixed rate of CHF 1’600.- for transportation and meal expenses will be granted to each Master student doing its Master project at LAI on Microcity site in Neuchâtel.

1. Reluctant motor for medical application – Internship N° 24’115 / G. Burnand


Electromag SA is a Swiss company active in the design and production of ultra-silent high-speed electric motors used in medical applications.

Brushless Direct Current BLDC motors usually use permanent magnets. Environmental and economical threats lead to the development of alternative solutions.

The goal of this project is the study and design of a high speed reluctant motor able to replace motors used in high speed and low noise medical applications.


1. State of the art study; 2. Validation of requirement; 3. FEM motor optimization; 4. Emphasis of internal motor forces; 5. Elaboration of preliminary motor specification


Electromagnetics, Electrical motors, and FEM Flux2D Software.

2. Magnetic Levitation Demonstrator / P. Peralta

At LAI, a micro motor with (a two degrees of freedom) magnetic bearing is being developed in collaboration with a Swiss company.

The first approach towards the control of a magnetic bearing is the successful levitation of an object in a single axis. The construction of a single axis magnetic levitation demonstrator is thus proposed.

The work will demand an overview of possible levitation system topologies and their geometries. Once this is chosen, analytical and computational models are to be constructed and analyzed striving towards stiff levitation, with long airgaps and low power consumption.

 Ultimately, the demonstrator is to be constructed, and its control software to be programmed in a micro controller.

3. High Stiffness Magnetic Bearing / P. Peralta

At LAI, a micro bearingless motor system is being developed, in collaboration with a Swiss company. The developed motor must support vibrations, axial and tilting loads.

Given the milimetric scale of the motor, a proper bearing design is of paramount importance for reliable operation. This work will focus upon topologies that increase the robustness of magnetic levitation. A selection of topologies is to be devised, and be evaluated with the help of computational simulations. Ultimately, a selected prototype is to be constructed, and its bearing properties are to be measured, to corroborate simulation results.

4. Magnetic Bearings with Simplified Power Electronics / P. Peralta

At LAI, a bearingless motor is being developed with the support of a Swiss company. The integration  of a magnetic bearing will however increase control complexity and the power electronics of the system.

This work will investigate magnetic levitation topologies, which simplify control schemes. Novel electromagnetic topologies will be researched, in order to find suitable motor types. These proposals will be evaluated through computational simulations. Ultimately, a prototype is to be build, and a power electronics scheme is to be proposed.

5. Electric motors for watchmaking applications – Internship N° 23’314 / P. Germano

In the business unit Swatch / Quartzline of the company ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, the division ‘System & Technology’ of the R&D is in charge of the development of electric motors for quartz watches for all the brands of the Swatch Group as well as many other industry leaders.

These past few years, ETA has been setting new benchmarks when it comes to motor performances. In the scope of this Master’s project, you will be part of the team that designs these innovations and your impact will be immediate, as ongoing developments will benefit from your competences. The focus of the project is set on the modelling of the Lavet motor, an incredibly simple – yet complicated – stepper motor widely used in watchmaking.

As ever, we are working towards the enhancement of our models. Among other topics, we are now studying modern modelling techniques based on artificial intelligence. As part of our small, dynamic team of engineers and in collaboration with your academic supervisor, you will enjoy working with various simulation techniques and technologies all the while validating results and ‘getting your hands dirty’ with numerous commercial and in-house measuring equipment.

We are looking for someone with:

  • A quick, polyvalent mind
  • A knack for mechatronics

You will also need to be comfortable with:

  • Novelty
  • Small mechanisms
  • Scripting (Matlab, Python, or equivalent)

Language requirements: English or French.